Virtual Hughes Rally


To occupy the long periods of isolation during the Covid 19 outbreak Peter Boyce has devised a table top rally.  This rally, based on the navigation for last year's Hughes Rally, is open to all members to enter and has been emailed to all club member.  Don't let your navigation skills go rusty and enjoy a bit of virtual motorsport.

Motorsport UK COVID-19 Advice

Motorsport UK COVID-19 advice to UK motorsport community - UPDATED 24TH MARCH 2020

Motorsport UK has extended the suspension of all organising permits and certificates of exemption until 30th June 2020. 


Full details of the announcement can be found by clicking the link  MSUK News logo

New Licence Requirements

New Licence Requirements from Motorsport UK

this means you

THIS MEANS YOU...........

Motorsport UK are making changes to their licence requirement from 1st January 2020. This means that for the majority of the events we run YOU WILL NEED A MOTORSPORT UK Licence to compete.  This applies to both DRIVERS and NAVIGATORS. Only the Tour of Kent is exempt. But don’t panic, the new RS Clubmans licence  is free, no test or photograph is required and you can apply on line or download an application form at

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