New Licence Requirements

New Licence Requirements from Motorsport UK

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THIS MEANS YOU...........

Motorsport UK are making changes to their licence requirement from 1st January 2020. This means that for the majority of the events we run YOU WILL NEED A MOTORSPORT UK Licence to compete.  This applies to both DRIVERS and NAVIGATORS. Only the Tour of Kent is exempt. But don’t panic, the new RS Clubmans licence  is free, no test or photograph is required and you can apply on line or download an application form at

The first events this impacts is our Sunday morning 12 car on 5th January and the night rally on 17th January. If you are entering please make sure you apply for a licence in plenty of time. Even if you are not entering the January events I would strongly recommend you apply for one of the free licences as soon as possible, so that you are all set for next year. Remember this applies to both Drivers and Navigators.

Its still not clear how this impacts our main event of the year – The Hughes and we are awaiting clarification from HRCR and Motorsport UK - hopefully it will become clearer in the coming weeks.

Below is the “standard” Motorsport UK statement regarding the changes.


New Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence from 2020

 Dear Club Member,

 We hope you are looking forward to the upcoming year.

We wanted to let you know that from January 2020, Motorsport UK will be introducing a requirement for all competitors in Motorsport UK permitted events to hold a Motorsport UK competition licence; in addition to your club membership. This will be at a minimum the new RS Clubman licence, This applies to new competitors as well as to anyone previously competing solely with a club membership card.

 The good news is that this entry-level, RS Clubman licence, will now be free.

This initiative is being introduced by Motorsport UK to encourage participation at grass roots level as well as to ensure that all competitors are covered by comprehensive public liability and personal accident insurance.

 It replaces the Non-Race Clubman licence, (which in 2019 cost £29). All licence holders will have access to the Member Benefits Programme which provides substantial discounts on well-known brands’ products and services, and can offset the costs of competing.

 If you have not previously held a Competition licence or not renewed in 2019, it will also be a requirement to apply for a new RS Clubman licence in order to compete or be a passenger in Club events.

 This is free of charge and applicable to Autotests, Trials, Cross Country and Road Rallying including 12 Cars and Scatters. Please note: an RS Clubman licence is not required if you are already in possession of a current 2019 Competition licence.

 You can apply for an RS Clubman licence from the Motorsport UK website from 18 November.

 We wish you a safe and enjoyable year of motor sport in 2020.

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