November Regularity Run

Sunday 1st November 2020

         Organisers: Dick Athow & Mick Rose

Start:  Stop 24 M20 Jn 11

Coffee Stop: TBA

Finish:  TBA

          Map required: 189


The third round of the 2020/21  part of the Winter Series is now open for entries.  Click On-line  Entry for the Entry Form.


Entry List

1. Alan Petit, Kelvin Bromley, Volvo Amazon 1968

2 .Charles Harrison, Phil Smith/Lucy Harrison, VW Passat 2004

3. Richard Dresner, Colin McKenzie, Volvo Amazon

4. Myles Osborn, Colin Gambell, Mazda MX5 2008

5. Alec Dent, Angus Dent, VW Polo 1985

6. Trevor Hawkins, Simon Ingarfield, Mazda MX5 1998

7. Jack Stewart, Matt Davies, Mazda MX5 2008

8. Chris Welch, Norman Garland, Morris Mini Cooper S 1965

9. Andy Elcomb, Joy Waiton Mazda Eunos 1992

10. Keith Boucher, Linda Boucher, Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon 1971

11. Phil Littlemore, Archie Pelling, Ford Puma 1999

12. Mike Helm, Jim Bowie, Triumph TR6 1971


Reserve Entry

1. Ian Conway, David Laver Rover Metro 1990







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