Covid 19 Update from Motorsport UK

Motor sport Uk have issued the following update in response to the Government's revised protocols relating to the Covid 19 pandemic


  • there is now the requirement for all participants to wear a face mask in all areas of the venue at all times
  • the removal of individual personal exemptions from wearing a face mask; these persons will no longer be allowed to attend Motorsport UK events
  • enhanced powers for COVID-19 Officers, Clerks of the Course and Stewards to intervene and penalise any transgressions
  • reducing the maximum number of marshals per post to 6.     

The revised measures are effective from Monday 14 September and further details can be found in an updated version of our COVID-19 Q&A, available on the Restart section of our website.


We trust that you understand the need for these changes, and thank you in advance for your cooperation and for helping to keep the sport we love safe and on track.

Further Information on this can be found at MSUK logo

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