November Regularity Run

Sunday 17th November 2019

         Organiser: Archie Pelling and Phil Littlemore

Start:  Route1066 Diner, at Johns Cross, south of Robertsbridge, on A21.  G/R 7412 2170

Coffee Stop: Merriments Garden Centre, north east of Hurst Green, just off A21. G/R 7372 2810

Finish:  The Bear PH, Burwash high street, on A265.  G/R 6734 2466

        Map required: 199


The first round of the 2019/20 Winter Series is now open for entries.  Click On-line  Entry for the Entry Form


Entry List

1.  Mick Rose, Dick Athow, Skoda Felicia, 1998

2.  Andy Elcomb, Joy Waiton, Mazda Eunos, 1992

3.  Charles Harrison, Phil Smith, TBA

4.  Andy Cheesman, Roger Herridge, Triumph 2000 MkII 1971

5. Greg Thompson, Derek Harris, Triumph Herald Coupe 1961

6.  Nigel Mead, Rosemary Mead, Mazda MX5 1994

7.  Trevor Hawkins, Simon Ingarfield, Mazda MX5 1998

8. Clive Nicholls, Dave Sparrow, Jensen Healey 1974

9.  Chris Welch, Norman Garland, Morris Mini Cooper S 1965

10. Caroline Gambell, Colin Gambell, Mazda MX5 2008

11. Paul Day, Alun Jones, MGB 1964






Download this file (Winter Series Results 17-11-19.pdf)Winter Series Results 17-11-19.pdf[ ]29 kB
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